The Tradeswoman's Lament

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Starting Zone: Newhaven City
Quest Giver: Magda Grev

Crocodile Tooth Necklace and 10 Silver for your troubles.

Part 1

Talk to Magda Grev in Newhaven City. Close to the crafting area. She is looking for her husband.

Part 2

Talk to Hammal in Brookhollow in Meadowlands.

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Part 3

Look for Brock in Meadowlands, look for his cart along the main road to Northreach in Meadowlands. Check the southern road from the middle ember ring. Make sure to read his journal.

Part 4

Continue searching for Brock. There are traces on The Isle of Ill Fate, commonly called Frog Isle or Frog Island. at the northern dock (walk around the barrel just at the dock) you will see axe sticking up from the ground just off the docks.

Part 5

Having supplies clearly owned by Brock we should go back to Magda and show her.

Part 6

Magda is clearly upset and wants revenge, go forth and slay crocodiles!

Quest item needed along with slaying 10 crocodiles.


Job well done giving this grieving woman some small bit of revenge!