Rhonda Knows Best

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Starting Zone: Newhaven Valley
Quest Giver: Rhonda
Reward: Travelers Health Potion


This is the first quest you will get upon entering the game. It teaches you the basics about ember rings and combat. Rhonda is at the first ember ring just across from it. She will tell you about ember rings and ask you to go sit near it and heal your wounds. Once your wounds are healed return to Rhonda. You can choose not to continue the quest. It will live in your quest Journal forever uncompleted. If you continue she will then tell you to hit the training dummy. The dummy is just behind the wooden shack thing. This is teaching you how to enter combat stance and use auto attack. Your journal will update with each step. After you have finished learning about the ember ring and basic combat return to Rhonda again for your reward. When you complete the quest it will be updated in your quest journal.


  • Visit the ember ring OR Talk to Guard Rhonda
  • Sit near the ember ring
  • Hit the target dummy
  • Return to Rhonda