Ember Rings

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  • Repair - A quick rest next to an Ember Ring with relieve you of the burden of your wounds and battle fatigue, which both lowers your health and maximum stamina.
    • Getting Knocked down causes 5% wounds to your health bark, clicking "Give Up" causes 10% additional wounds for a total of 15%. Plus you cause 10% durability damage to your equipped gear.
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  • Teleporation - Added with the September 5th 2023 Hot Fix patch
    • Those of you with an Ember Stone can now teleport from Ember Monoliths to Ember Rings in overland zones for 5 Ember Essence.
      • Monolith to Ember Ring Teleports
        • The map will now display "Teleport" buttons below discovered Ember Rings when you are near the zone's Monolith. Think of the Monolith network as train stations that take you between zones and the Monolith->Ember Ring network as bus stops that take you to different spots within the zone. Clicking one of the teleport buttons will invoke a confirmation dialog; once confirmed you will be transported to your Ember Ring of choice.
      • Regarding Teleport Buttons
        • Will only show when a map exists & you are in range of an Ember Monolith. This means that this feature cannot be utilized inside of dungeons or outdoor dungeon-like scenes (Stronghold, Freehold, Ridge)
        • Will only show if you have an Ember Stone.
        • Will only show under discovered Ember Rings within the same zone. This means that you cannot go from Dryfoot->Dryfoot Stronghold or Redshore->Freehold/Ridge even if they show on the same map.
        • Will only be interactable if you have at least 5 Ember Essence in your Ember Stone.
        • Only refresh when you leave and return to within range of the Monolith. In other words: if you do not have 5 EE and somehow acquire 5 EE while remaining in range of the monolith then you will need to move away and back towards it to refresh the buttons.
        • These teleports play by the same rules as Monoliths: mainly that they cannot be used while in combat.
        • This is a one-way trip; once you leave the Monolith you would have to return to the Monolith to use this feature again.


All over the place; like seriously each map has a bunch of these look around!